Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Hate the "C" Word! (and it's not the one you think)

CANCER. There I said it. What a dirty, rotten, no good thief cancer is. I know some of you out there may not think that I am capable of deep thought or reflection, but believe it or not, I do have a softer sensitive side. As of late, cancer has reared its ugly head in my life and I would like to take a moment to share the impact it has had on me here.

Several months ago, a friend of mine from high school, Melissa, passed away after a graceful, inspiring, and courageous battle with breast cancer. Melissa and I lost touch shortly after high school, and unfortunately I learned of her passing through her obituary. I harbor quite a bit of guilt and regret because of that. Contained within her obituary, was a link to a blog that she had been writing, detailing her experiences with cancer To say that her blog was moving would be a gross understatement.

After reading her blog, I was in awe at the way that she shared her journey in such an open, honest and naked way. And through all of the painful awfulness that cancer brings, she remained unfailingly positive and rock solid strong. It got me to thinking about why on earth something as terrible as that would happen to such an amazing person.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am almost 31 years old. And in my time on earth, I have known quite a few people, most of which I would classify as good and a few I would have to say are down right bad. But of those many good people I have known in my life, there are a few that I can only describe as shiny. You know what I mean. They are special and neat and good and true, and they are an absolute joy to be around. Whether you know them a lot or a little, you know without a doubt that you are better for knowing them at all. Melissa was one of those shiny people.

Unfortunately, another shiny person in my life is in the clutches of stage four cancer. He's my friend Phil. I don't claim to be a smart woman, so I don't know the ins and outs of his type of cancer or what affect it is specifically having on his body. All that I know is that it's bad, it has moved too painfully fast, and I don't know what the future will hold.

Let me tell you a little about Phil. He is someone I work with and that I can't help but admire. Phil's job entails investigating and bringing to justice those who commit crimes against children. He is the best at what he does. He is patient, dedicated, humble and relentless. And he always has a smile and a moment of his time for everyone. He is just one of those shiny people.

So I decided to honor Phil like I wish that I would have had time to honor Melissa. I wrote a little poem for him and this seemed like the best place to post it. Everyone loves you buddy, and we are all praying for your recovery.

An Officer's Tribute

My dear friend in blue,
the truth you always sought.
The weakest who were wronged
were the ones for which you fought.

My brother in the badge,
your faith in justice shown.
No matter how fierce the battle,
no victim was left alone.

My true and honest champion,
your quest for right's been won.
The peace your work has given
will never be undone.

My role model and inspiration,
you're what a man should be.
A father and friend to his own,
and to all others that he sees.

My hope and guiding light,
I hope to live like you have done.
Your selfless acts of kindness prove
that you are truly God's son.

Phil, you are my hero,
but I'm just one of thousands strong.
And we will walk you through this journey,
hand in hand, no matter how long.

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