Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going for a blog

Ok people, so I've decided to start blogging it up. Please don't expect to learn anything here, or for my musings to enrich your life in any meaningful way. In fact, you should expect to be generally disgusted by my juvenile, 14 year old boy-esque way of viewing the world. That said, lets get to it.

So I love me some American Idol. However, this year I am not super impressed with the "talent." How is it possible for nearly all of the top 36 to choose the wrong song? In my mind, if I were in the top 36 (if we're gonna be real, in my mind I am the next American Idol!. . . but that's beside the point), I would be rehearsing my song 24/7. I would be singing it for any mo fo who would listen, especially those in my life who would cut through the bullshit and tell me whether or not it sounded like crapola! This top 36 must be surrounding themselves with a whole gaggle of little pilled out Paula Abdul clones, who wouldn't give them a negative comment if their little over-medicated hearts depended on it.

Speaking of over-medicated, or possibly under-medicated?.... I can't help but love Tatiana's crazy ass! I love the compulsive cackling, the spaced-out sort of trippy things she says, the weird shit she wears, and her overall general narcissism. I think she is hilarious. I mean, did you see Seacrest try to get a hummer from her on national television on Thursday? Anyone that can get Ry-guy to switch back to the home team is ok in my book. I would buy her a beer, but I'd be afraid that the narcotic/alcoholic cocktail it would create in her bloodstream would send her to the grave, and she is way too entertaining to croak. I will truly miss you Tats (we're tight, that's my pet name for her).

I think my fave this year is going to be oil rigger guy. I wasn't bowled over by his luke warm performance this week to get into the top twelve, but overall I think he has potential. Plus, if his singing is sub par, I would at least consider taking a peek at his wiener. See what you can do about that Seacrest.

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