Thursday, July 30, 2009

July in Ohio. . .

July in Ohio is more unpredictable than Gary Busey at an awards show ceremony. (Ps. I freaking love that guy and his brain damage. . . and his 20 rows of teeth!) This July has been cold and rainy, and quite frankly, rather depressing. Like, what is this place Forks Washington?! Ok, I just showed how much of a juvenile dork I am, making that Twilight reference. Well, all I can say for sure is that this sucky schizophrenic weather would be far more tolerable if my husband was an extremely hot (he already is pretty hot, by the way) vampire who was trying to win my affections over a lovable, if not irritable werewolf! Was that too much?

Anyhoo, all this rain and cold has made me feel a bit lethargic. And we all know that I naturally have a penchant for laziness. I guess that it is just the luck of the Irish that I have even gotten out of bed this entire month! Well I take that back because the first part of the month I spent at Lake Cumberland soaking my liver in jagermeister, working on my skin cancer, and trying not to drown. But the last few weeks, the only activity that I could muster was blinking and breathing in and out.

It is safe to say that I am officially sick of this weather. I am hoping that August brings scorching temperatures and lots of sun or else I am considering mailing a box filled with my poop (and maybe a booger or two) to the weather channel.

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